If you are a person who have planned your vacation in Malaysia and if KL is your main destination this is the article for you. Even though KL has many attractive world famous tourist spots, the area around them are also quite famous for tourism. Obviously if you are travelling with your child, you cannot deny visiting Legoland. This is a theme park where your kids can make many interesting memories which can be carried throughout their lifetime. Here are some interesting facts which you should never miss while travelling from KL to Legoland.

Legoland – booking

In case, if Legoland is your choice during this trip, it is to be noted that you must make the booking well in advance. Since this an international theme park more number of tourists will show interest in visiting this place. Hence in order to ensure the ticket availability you can book these tickets in advance through online. While booking the tickets you can choose their official website or you can make use of the travel agents sites. However, it is more important to ensure whether you are hiring the right source for booking online. The next important thing is there are some websites which tend to provide offer over your bookings. You can point out such website and can make your booking within fraction of seconds.

Bus operator- booking

Since you are supposed to travel from KL, you will be in need to book the bus operator service for your travel. Even though you can hire a cab, traveling through bus will be very interesting and will add great flavors to your vacation. And obviously the level of comfort will be higher in bus travel. This will also be the most secured source to travel with your friends and family members.

The booking for the travel by bus from KL to Legoland can also be done in online. You can reserve any number of seats needed for your travel. While booking tickets in bulk, you can also get great discounts. Once if this booking is done you can enjoy your travel from KL to Legoland without any constraint.


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