ou would be amazed to know that just between the years of 2015 and 2016 the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection had granted temporary visas to about 7.7 million people. And this is just temporary visas. The number would drastically increase if you take in the number of permanent visas and all the other kinds been granted. Immigrating to a different country can be a lot to take in at first, so if you are planning to move to Australia, there are a few tips which you should keep in mind to help you adjust better.

Given below are a lot of important facts about Australia which you should know beforehand if you are planning for an immigration Australia permanent residency and then moving there.


A valid visa is one of the most important articles which you have to acquire before moving to Australia. Without it your immigration won’t be successful. Even if you manage to get inside the country without the visa, it would be illegal and would cause you immense trouble in the future. Getting a valid visa before leaving your own country should be of utmost priority. There are different varieties of visas available and you have to apply for the one which would suit best for the kind of stay you are expecting. It mostly depends on the length and purpose of your visit. You can check your eligibility for the different kinds of visa online.

Rental cost

Australia is a developed country and thus it is a fairly expensive place to live in. You will be really confused and shocked when you discover how expensive the rental properties can get here. A one-bedroom flat can cost you about $340 per week in Melbourne and $480 in Sydney. Being well informed about the rental property prices can help you be better prepared when you apply for the Australia permanent residency for India or any other place.

Left side driving

In the USA, people are used to driving on the right side of the road while sitting on the left side of the car. But in Australia, it is just the opposite. Here the driver has to sit on the right side of the car while driving on the left side of the road, just the way people drive in the UK. However, unlike the norms in UK, the Australians walk on the left side of the sidewalks, pathways and even escalators.

Australian English

Even though Australia is a multilingual country, English is still the most dominant language here. But the English here is quite different what you have been use to. Every country has its unique form of the language and even Australian English has unique abbreviations, slang and colloquialisms. Most of the proper nouns which have more than three syllables usually have a shortened version of it. Like they call Australia- Straya and mosquito is called a mozzie. Some phrases can baffle tourists and immigrants, like they say ‘How you going’ to people which is actually a way to greet people and similar to a ‘Hello’.


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