The Happy New Year Time Marches With Adventure Travel

Well, it’s the New Year. It’s that time of year, the time of year that forces you to think about time. Most days we scurry about our lives working, sleeping, eating, dreaming and looking forward to the next big vacation. Time is always moving forward. When you consider it, our methods of keeping time are just a way to measure time. Clearly, it’s all been very well planned and observed.

Like most things, our measurement of time is based upon what we see that already exists in nature. Our year is based upon the earth’s rotation around the sun. A month, for the most part, is similar timing to a full lunar cycle. Each day is in line with a single rotation of the earth on its axis.

Of course, when people started observing the seasons, the rotation of the earth around the sun, the lunar cycle and the spinning of the earth on its axis, they didn’t quite know that is what they were observing. The just recognized that the stars seemed to rotate in the sky, the moon changed from full to crescent and back to full and that every day there was a sunrise and sunset. The tides, the weather, the stars in the sky were all indicators observed by early scientists and philosophers.

When they noticed things like the unwavering Southern Cross and North Star; icons in the sky that never moved, things that they could always count on for navigation. Then consider the pitter-patter of raindrops, the steady beat of the ocean waves or some of the steady nature sounds: crickets, songbirds, or the morning crow of the rooster. Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.

As we move into modern times, time is everywhere. The world is in a hurry! So many things depend on a matter of minutes and seconds rather than hours and days. Cell phones, microwaves, stereos, ovens, TVs, and tons of electronic items have clocks built into them.  These days a traditional clock is used for decoration as much as it is for time. Watches are used for jewelry as much as they are for time.

Consider the Seiko diamond watch or a high priced Rolex. We don’t need them to tell the time. Sure some are used for scuba diving or sky diving and can withstand great changes in pressure. Trust me, many of the people buying Rolex’s do not scuba dive or skydive.

Clocks and watches have become symbols of time (or fashion statements). In that light, I love the watches that are fueled by light. It’s a constant reminder of the need for saving energy and green living as time marches on! So, we wish you a Happy New Year and challenge you to spend your time wisely in the coming year.


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