Even if in the USA, just like in Europe, people only cook with water, and there are only people living there, you should always remember that some things are entirely different from the case at home. Here are some examples and references to mistakes that are not maliciously committed but can cause a lot of trouble. In this article we will discuss things tourists should never do in San Francisco . As you plan to fly into San Francisco it is always good to learn the dos and don’ts of the big city.


If you want to buy alcoholic beverages, you can only do so from the age of 21. It can also happen to you that you still have to identify yourself at the age of 30. The controls are very tough because of the high fines. Alcohol does not belong in the car, at most in the trunk, and even if the bottles or cans are still closed, it is not allowed in the car’s interior.

Stand in the queue:

Whether at the bus stop, the subway or at the buffet. Queuing is just normal here in the US. There is one thing the Americans cannot take at all, unauthorized overtaking. That then leads to a lot of trouble, and nobody needs that on vacation.

Parking in the hills of San Francisco

It is compulsory and essential that you put in gear and hold the handbrake when parking in a mountain and turn the wheels towards the curb. That means, when parking uphill, turn the steering to the left and when parking downhill, turn the steering to the right. Such is that the car can never roll down the hill in braking problems but is braked at the curb. Such is checked by passing police officers, and if not observed, a hefty fine is imposed.


Please don’t get angry, because that’s the way it is. Police officers are always right! If you are traveling by car, you will only be stopped if there is an urgent suspicion against you or you have committed a traffic violation. So if a police patrol car drives behind you with the blue lights or siren switched on, then you should pull up to the right as quickly as possible and not leave the car. Sit in the car, open the side window and place your hands visible on the steering wheel. The officer will always park his car behind yours and step up to your vehicle behind and say what he wants. You then have to obey this, and it is best to always do so in a friendly and friendly manner. Never argue with a police officer. Always stay calm and friendly. The police in the USA are used to a lot and, as a precaution, usually have one hand on the gun. So don’t make any sudden movements and never scare the officer. American police officers “usually have the long handle” too. But they are only human and usually very friendly and even accommodating!

Smoking in California:

The people of California are very particular about that. Smoking is strictly forbidden in all public buildings, at bus stops, subway stops, at airports, in restaurants and bars, and non-compliance will result in a severe penalty. If you want to stay in a smoking room in the hotel, you should pay attention to this when booking because there are only non-smoking rooms in most hotels. Smoking is also not welcome in public, and there are streets, parks and beaches where it is (hard to believe but dedicated) forbidden. This is even indicated by traffic or information signs. Never smoke in the car while children are in it. Then there is bus money, and the police have no mercy! The USA is an excellent place to quit smoking and not just because cigarette prices are rising wildly here too. 1 box of Marlboro now costs the US $ 10 in San Francisco! I’ve tried countless times and never made it, but after my heart attack on March 11th, 2011, it was straightforward for me to quit smoking, and since then, I haven’t smoked a cigarette.


San Francisco is a beautiful city where you can reach a lot better on foot. Don’t underestimate the little hills and before you go into town, think about whether you should put on your most comfortable shoes if you want to try them in modern, chic shoes. Here you go. You will not get a fine for this either, but the penalty follows immediately. So always remember, your feet will thank you!

Security and Assault:

It would help if you always behaved inconspicuously and never let the tourist “hang out” or run through the streets showing off and wearing expensive jewelry. If you are unlucky enough to fall victim to a robbery, then don’t play the hero because the thieves could also be armed and use the weapon.

I always keep valuables in a padded fanny pack that I tie around and contain my passport, credit card and money. In a small breast pocket that hangs around my neck, I always have ten one-dollar bills and a few pieces of paper. I’ll be happy to leave that to the thief in case of need.

Anyone setting up a mousetrap in California needs a hunting license.

If you are one of the ugly people, San Francisco is a hot spot for you.

In San Francisco, people classified as “ugly” are not allowed to walk down the street.

If you want to beat up your wife with a longer than 50 cm stick and thicker than 2.5 cm during your trip, please pay attention to the following.

You can only beat your wife with a stick that is no longer than the equivalent of 50 cm and no thicker than 2.5 cm.

If these dimensions are exceeded, the woman must give a written declaration of consent.

It will be best if you don’t beat up your wife at all and have a fantastic vacation with her. You can experience so many beautiful things with your wife, and it doesn’t depend on the cm.


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