What is Canada PR?

For those who are willing to migrate to Canada, they need to follow a procedure which makes them eligible for Canada PR. The PR or permanent residency in Canada is meant to make you eligible for staying in the country. In the recent times, there is a rising interest to get settled in Canada. There are various reasons behind this rising interest to get Canada resident visa that we shall discuss later.

Under Canada PR, you become eligible to get access to the rights which are otherwise meant for Canadian citizens but with some exceptions.

Benefits of Canada PR

If you acquire Canada PR, you can get access to many social and legal rights. Check out the benefits of getting permanent resident visa Canada:

  • You can study and work in Canada
  • You can also sponsor your family members and relatives to come and stay in Canada
  • You can apply for Canadian citizenship after spending 4 years in Canada
  • You will get health, legal and social rights
  • You can get emplyment insurance and pension plans of Canada
  • You will be protected under Canadian laws

Procedure to apply for Canada PR

There are many immigration programs under which you will have to apply for Canada PR. For each program, the eligibilty and application procedure are different. You will be asked about the following questions if you have to apply for Canada PR:

  • Age
  • Details of job offer
  • Education
  • Family members
  • Income you earn
  • Language ability and expertise
  • Nationality
  • Work experience

Your answers to these questions will determine your eligibility to apply for Canada PR.

Fastet way to get Canada PR

Though, Express Entry system was introduced in Canada in 2015, there are different programs under which you can apply for the same:

  • Your spouse may sponsor you to migrate to Canada which is known as spousal sponsorship
  • International Experience Canada or IEC which is categorised as working holiday, co-op, young professionals
  • Live-in caregiver which is considered to be easiest ways to get Canada immigration
  • You can also go on stidy permit which helps you in getting access to the top-most universities in Canada
  • Visitor’s visa which helps you in entering Canada if you have a job offer or you are on work permit

Why you should hire immigration agency for Canada migration?

When you have understood the ways to reach up to Canada, you also need to hire the agencies which can provide you immigration services. You can fill up the application on your own but chances of discrepencies are higher. You have to take the help of experienced immigration professionals who are versatile to guide you correctly.

You can pick up a suitable immigration consultancy firm based upon the level of experience that have. Check for the credentials to ensure their problem-solving capacity. Migrating to Canada is easier if you follow all the procedures correctly.


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