They’re based on traditional Rickshaws designs from the Far East, where such transport has been popular for centuries. They consist of a very secure metal frame with a set of comfortable seats attached, covered by a canopy. The canopy is clear at the front to allow our customers a perfect view of their surroundings.

The rear of the canopy is home to our latest promotional material. It is a specific type of rickshaw and powered through a specially designed bicycle attached to the front. This also gives a greater control of the vehicle and allowing it to travel at enough speed for the capital city.  The Pedicabs are also controlled and operated by manpower. If you like to enjoy everything in the city; this type of transportation is a great choice for you. It consists of an advertisement placed on the back of the vehicle.

When you are pay for the back space of the canopies that helps to generate exposure for your business or brand. In order to make you’re traveling as happy and eco-friendly, you want to choose the pedicabs.  People can take the advantage of the transport simply hiring it. If you need to hire London pedicabs, then you want to visit the website.  Apart from that, it takes care of the hardest advertising par for customers.

For small business, they have an ideal way to get the name out there and a steady stream of regular customers. For very big and leading industry leaders adopting this unique and innovative marketing strategy can help to re-engage whit their client. This is the special and a great way to advertise the brands among the people. This type of transportation is 100% pollution free and absolutely producing no CO2. The transportation is great for both for your company and environment.

Brands making a decisive effort to utilize these simple and unique solutions generate a lot good will from the clients. They give customers throughout great transportation options. It launched a range of eco-friendly Pedi cabs. The riders travel through the city day and night, so the brand will get famous among people.  Advertising will see by a wide range of people all over the city.

They understand the importance of advertising and discuss the particular advertising details to the customers. they also design a bespoke package for every customer. Simply give basic details about your brands that they provide a perfect solution for you.


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