You must have come across the term ‘homestays’ and might have a few questions about its credibility. When you go about planning a trip with your loved ones, you need to know if the accommodation, where you will be put up at, is secure enough. It may happen that a place you are planning to visit might have both hotels and homestays. For example, Coorg. You will come across both, hotels as well as homestay options.

If you need some compelling reasons to opt for Coorg homestay over hotels, then this post is just for you. Here are a few reasons why a homestay can be a great accommodation experience for your holidays:

1 – Emotional connect

The emotional connect associated with a house offers an indescribable joy. Ensure that your loved ones experience this emotion when they are at a homestay. As opposed to the bare walls of a hotel, a homestay radiates warmth across every inch of its property.

2 – Great food

Who doesn’t like home-cooked food? This is exactly what you get when you choose to go with a homestay. While a hotel’s dining experience may be universal (to cater to everyone), this is not the case with a homestay. You can relish genuine, local flavours at a homestay.

3 – You are never lonely

If you are a solo traveller, then a homestay scores way above a hotel accommodation. The love and affection showered by the hosts can make any solo traveller’s holiday come alive. With children prancing around the place, you can be assured of a memorable stay.

4 – The experience is unique

Coorg homestay

Your social media connection or ‘likes’ too will be boosted with a ‘back from homestay’ notification post. Staying at a homestay is a unique experience in itself. Take the unexplored route and choose homestay over hotels to get a comfortable experience.

5 – Personalized services

As opposed to the highly professional hotel managers and front desk staff of Coorg hotels, a homestay can be relied on to provide personalized experiences. Imagine if you are not feeling well, the motherly treatment in a homestay can include a hot glass of turmeric milk.

6- They are cost- effective

When we look at the experiences it provides, a homestay can prove to be a far cost-effective option than a hotel. You can learn about new culture, tradition, and cuisine at a new place and not feel a pinch in your pocket.

These reasons aptly describe why a homestay should be on your agenda for your next holiday. After all, nothing can beat the warmth and courtesy of a homestay. You can soak in their vibrant way of life, culture, celebrations, and attire, when you pick a homestay for your holiday. So, the next time you are in Coorg, don’t just choose hotels for accommodation. Try out a cosy homestay, and it will provide a great holiday experience for your entire family.


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