Germany is the land of technology, art, and culture. A visit to this magical land will enhance your knowledge of the rich history and promising future. Take a peek into the places of interest and you’ll find, Germany has a lot of things to offer. As a tourist, you’ll love visiting the places having historical significance.  Book your tickets at the earliest by the best flight. Recommended are some places that will be on your bucket list. 


  Visit Romerberg, the irregularly shaped town, having Justice Fountain at the center. It’s a picturesque public square, the busiest pedestrian zone, and also a great place for tourists to hang out, especially during Christmas. Romer is a cluster of 11 shops that makes the gamut of medieval era town, which was meticulously reconstructed during 1954. These were originally constructed in the 15th -18th-century floorplans. View some historic buildings that survived the air raids of 1944. 

Stadel Museum: 

The Stadel museum is an excellent collection of paintings originating in the 14th century AD. The works include those by the old masters like Vermeer, Goya, Rembrandt, Picasso, and many more. If you are an art lover, you will be happy to see some more contemporary works by Bacon, Baselitz, Durer, and Cezanne. Prefer the English guided tours with audio on. 

Museum District:

Museumsufer:  Frankfurt’s museum district stands in the North and South banks of the river Main, which is a collection of 16 separate museums. The Museum of World cultures is regarded as one of Europe’s top ethnological museum. It’s founded in 1904 and has a collection of 65,000 artifacts from Asia, Africa, North and South America.  Visit other museums like the Museum of Ancient sculptures, Icon museum, German Architecture Museum, Film Museum, and the Museum of Applied Arts. If you want to explore the history of the city, then visit the Frankfurt Archaeological museum that’s set in a previous monastery.


The Palm garden:

  If you are a naturalist, visit the 54 acre Pal Garden, which is the largest Botanical garden in Germany. The place is visited by one of the top performers of the world like Buffalo Bill, who visited the Wild West show during 1890. See the Europaturm, a 337-meter tall communications tower, also known as the Tower of Europe. Visit other parks of interest like the Gruneburgpark, a 72-acre land, which is even a pleasant place for a stroll. 

Senckenberg Natural history museum:

  Explore the Seckenberg Gardens, the natural history museum, and said to be one of the biggest modern museums of natural history in Europe. The details of the content include the evolution of organisms, the planet’s biodiversity, and also a center for exhibiting dinosaurs. See the world’s largest collection of stuffed birds, and also attend some educational workshops in this respect. 

Frankfurt Cathedral:

Visit the Roman Catholic cathedral, or Bartholomew’s cathedral, a 95 meters tall structure, built between the 13th and 15th centuries, known for its lovely color. From 1562 to 1792, the coronation of different emperors took place here. Beneath the towers lay some magnificent structures like the Crucifcation of Hans Backoffen, that’s sculptured in 1509. You may even visit the grave slab of King Gunther VunSchwarzburg, and some altars from the 15th and 16th centuries. 

Goethe House and Museum: 

See the birthplace of Germany’s greatest writer, Goethe, and his family home Goethe house. Born in 1749 and loved till 1765 in this house, the house bears testimony of how well his family members used to live here. Observe the flamboyantly decorated living room, the reading room where the genius penned down several pieces of work, a 14 room gallery where the writer showcased artwork, and many more sites. Visit Geothestrasse, a high-end shopping area having boutiques, an art gallery, and a café is another attraction in Frankfurt that testifies the writer’s importance and name. 

Museum of modern art:  The Frankfurt museum of contemporary art, which was opened in 1991, in a postmodern building, is regarded as one of Europe’s modern art galleries. It’s a vast collection of 5,000 fine arts by 450 artists. Notable artists who did the works are Andy Warhol, Francis Bacon, and Roy Lichtenstein.  The museum even shelters modern art by MMK Zollamy, a satellite exhibition space that features work by the younger and lesser-known artists.  Here on display is 30,000 items of European and Asian origin, including furniture, tapestries, ceramic, glass, and books. 

  • Frankfurt zoo:  Visit the Frankfurt zoo, covering 32 acres of land, and home to more than 4500 animals representing 510 species. Founded in 1858, this is the second oldest zoo in Germany, displaying Madagascar’s diverse fauna.  You will observe animals like reptiles, crocodiles, and other marine life. You may have a glimpse of the various nocturnal animals and bird hall. 


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