A part from being home to Mt. Everest, the Himalayan trek is also known for its challenging landscape and climate. If you are planning a Himalayan trek soon, check out this post for some of the must-have things you should be wearing during this adventure.

The Himalayan trek is very popular among trekking enthusiasts all over the world. From witnessing the natural drama of the mighty mountains unfold in front of your eyes, testing your limits, to finding peace in the lap of Mother Nature, there are innumerable reasons that make the Himalayas a popular trekking spot.

But apart from being home to some of the tallest peaks on the planet and mindboggling natural beauty, the Himalayan ranges are also known as one of the most challenging. The cold and unreliable climate of the area further adds up to the challenge.

If you want to enjoy your Himalayan trek in the best way possible, apart from a  host of other accessories, you need to abundantly focus on what you will wear. If you are confused with the selection, here are 5 essentials for you-

  1. Choose Top Layers Judiciously

You can prefer cotton, synthetic, or woollen shirts and t-shirts. While full-sleeved shirts and t-shirts will offer better protection against sunburn and cold, you can go with half-sleeved options too. Carry at least 3-4 shirts/t-shirts or more depending on the trekking duration.

If you are going to the Himalayas during the summer season, you’ll still be required to wear at least three warm layers of clothing. If it is winter, you will need at least 5 layers.

  1. Select the Right Bottoms

When it comes to the bottom, prefer synthetic trousers as they are light in weight. Avoid denim and trousers or shorts made from cotton as they quickly absorb water and take a lot of time to dry. Pants with zippered pockets and reinforced seat and knee area are highly recommended.

As compared to shorts, trousers are known to be more versatile. You can always roll your trousers for more ventilation. Moreover, you can also go for convertible trekking pants that have zip to switch between trousers and shorts. You can wear one and carry at least 2 extra pairs of bottom wear.

  1. Innerwear is Essential

Selecting the right innerwear is as crucial as choosing the top and bottom wear. For men, synthetic boxers are the best choice. They do not bunch up and wick promptly.

For women, sports bra made from synthetic material and preferably without seams is highly recommended. Avoid cotton innerwear as they can remain wet for a long time and can also cause chafing.

  1. Trekking Shoes are a Must

While your sports shoes might have accompanied you for many of your trekking and hiking endeavours, it is better to invest in a good pair of trekking shoes for the Himalayan adventure. As the landscape is known to be challenging, it is only the shoes exclusively designed for trekking that can provide the required comfort and grip.

Prefer offline physical stores for purchasing trekking shoes so that you can try them before buying. There are now retail chains that have online as well as offline stores. So, you can search for a top option on their website and then try the same by visiting their nearest physical store.

  1. Socks and Other Essentials

Just like most people, you will be wearing lightweight inner socks for wicking under a pair of thicker socks that will provide improved support and cushion. Prefer ankle length socks made from a synthetic material.

Apart from the essentials such as trekking jackets, synthetic t-shirts, 2-in-1 trousers, etc. discussed above, you will also need headgear, eyewear, synthetic gloves, and a bandana, preferably made from cotton.

Ready to Conquer the Himalayas?

Trekking in the Himalayan ranges would definitely be an experience of a lifetime. To make sure that you remember this experience for all the right reasons, make sure that you carry all the must-have products listed in this post.

You can easily find all of these products online and at big sports shops, and most of them are highly affordable too. Prefer purchasing them from a retails sports store to ensure you can try the product well before buying.


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