As far as self-driving holidays go, you couldn’t pick a better destination than sunny California, with the vast expanse of natural scenery and the many famous attractions, there is so much to see and do. If there are four or less people in your group, the RV is an ideal vehicle choice, while a campervan will accommodate 6-8 people in comfort, and both come fully equipped to provide you with a high level of convenience during your holiday.

Advanced Booking

So popular is this type of holiday, you might want to book 6-8 months in advance, and with a simply Google search, you can soon locate the website of an established RV rentals company. They offer a whole lot more than just a vehicle, with lots of useful information about the local attractions, as well as giving you a detailed account of what each vehicle is equipped with. Opting for camper rentals means you have no hotel bills to pay, and we all know how much that can cost, especially with a family of four, and by making your booking well in advance, you can be sure of having the right vehicle.

All the Comforts of Home

The modern RV carries just about everything you could possibly think of, and would typically include the following:

  • Sleeping accommodation for 4 people
  • Fridge
  • Two gas burners and a fully functional kitchen
  • Heating and A/C
  • DVD and CD player
  • Internal table and seating area

There are many more features when you rent a camper, such as water and waste water tanks that enable you to be completely independent. While there are many campsites in California, having everything you need on board allows you to go off the beaten track, so to speak, and really explore. There is no cheaper way to see California than a camper rental, and you can likely add a week to the end of your holiday with the money you have saved.

Experienced Operator

Ideally, your RV rental company would have a wealth of experience, and they would know of the best attractions, and perhaps some that are not known to the tourist circle. Aside from having the ideal RV for rent, they can furnish you with information that will allow you to make an informed decision about the route you take, and they have a host of additional items for rent, such as cold weather sleeping bags and snow chains, which are ideal for the winter months at altitude. Renting an RV really does put you firmly in the driving seat, as you decide on your route, where you stop, and how long you want to spend at each location.

The vehicle will be fully insured and you would have an introduction pack that contains information about driving in California and other useful information, and with round the clock support at the other end of a phone, you have all the support you need.


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